Houseopedia.com, a North Carolina-based digital company, is looking for talented people who can write authoritatively on topics of interest to renters, home buyers, sellers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other stakeholders in the real estate world.

That includes a diverse mix of stories about first-time buyers, gardening, house flipping, DIY projects, mortgages, neighborhoods, home decor, apartment amenities, renting versus buying, etc. The list is endless.

We’re looking for journalism, business, marketing and real estate professionals with a strong desire for experience in an entrepreneurial environment.

Professionalism is a must, followed by strong writing skills, the ability to work on deadline with minimal supervision, and a shared entrepreneurial mindset.

Articles must be written to these specifications: a 500-word post, a smartly written headline that both summarizes the content and draws the reader in, and a cleverly worded Facebook post.

Content should be written using a conversational tone while still maintaining style and grammar standards. No clichés, please. Most posts will include a lede followed by four to six tips, examples, or ideas. Please check out our website at Houseopedia.com to get the gist of how we operate.

In exchange, we will give you feedback on your writing, and publish your work on our website, which is being marketed to thousands of real estate professionals and their clients across the country. Our writers are paid by the story.

Interested? Send two writing samples — preferably written in Houseopedia format — and your resume to: renee@houseopedia.com.

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