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Mix of colorful flowers in a meadow garden.
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Growing a Meadow Garden

All gardens are beautiful, but a meadow garden provides additional benefits. These gardens help support wildlife and are easier to maintain than lawns or other gardens. Here’s what you need to know about converting all...

Bumble bee in a purple aster. Types of native plants commonly found in the United States.
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Gardening With Native Plants

Want to beautify your garden and save time and money on maintenance while giving Mother Nature a hand? Add native plants to your yard, a relatively simple task that pays off big. Here’s a primer...

Arborist studying a tree standing in bare deciduous woods to decide if the owner should cut down a tree.
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Should You Cut Down A Tree?

With their summer shade, fall color, dramatic winter branches and spring leaves, stately trees bring beauty year-round and are a boon to the environment. It’s easy to become emotionally attached to nearby trees you associate...