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Male Realtor pointing out reasons why a house isn't selling to a female listing client.
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Our House Isn’t Selling

It’s frustrating: You’ve had your house on the market for a few months. Other sellers are headed to closing, but you’ve yet to get an acceptable offer. Doubt and even a little fear are beginning...

Property Value text on paper sheet may refer to a Zestimate with magnifying glass on chart, dice, spectacles, pen, laptop and blue and yellow push pin on wooden table.
Marketing The Home, Selling,

How Accurate is a Zestimate?

The real estate website Zillow offers an online home valuation known as a Zestimate. Some homeowners find the Zestimate to be accurate, while others dismiss its findings. What factors affect a Zestimate? Can you rely...

Billboard in green grass advertising rural land for sale.
Marketing The Home, Selling,

Selling Rural Land

Selling all or part of your undeveloped rural land differs in some important ways from other real estate transactions. Let’s get your piece of paradise ready for the market. It’s not like selling a home...

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