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Mortgage forbearance agreement papers with pen and notepad.
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Mortgage Forbearance During Financial Crises

In times of financial distress, some homeowners can seek relief from monthly payments through mortgage forbearance programs. These programs can be helpful during rough times, but they must be handled with care. Let’s take a...

New home buyer couple showing the concept of discussing the subject of financing your first home.
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FAQs on Financing Your First Home

Getting your first home mortgage can be intimidating. Let’s eliminate fear of the unknown by answering some common questions. Q: Can I get a mortgage even though I have bad credit? Yes, though you’ll get...

Bright apartment with grass green and white furniture that shows landlords how attractive a space can be if you decide to furnish your rental property.
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Should You Furnish Your Rental Property?

Will it improve your marketability and profit to furnish your rental property? The scenarios vary depending on how the property is used. Let’s see when it makes sense and when it doesn’t. Basics are expected...

Close up copy of a lease contract that one would manage when buying a rental property with existing tenants. Eye glasses, a calculator, pen and house keys are also pictured on top of the contract.
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Buying Rental Property With Existing Tenants

If you’re buying rental property with existing tenants, whether they occupy the entire space or only a basement or garage apartment, you are probably focused on the property’s income-generating potential. But you’re also taking on...

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