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Real estate agent handing over the keys as home buyer is handing over all-Cash for home purchase. House with "For Sale Sign" in background.
Buying, Buying a Home,

Competing Against an All-Cash Buyer

We’ve all heard the saying that “cash is king.” That’s especially true in real estate, where cash deals are super-attractive to sellers because they are generally a sure thing. But what if you can’t pay...

Functional entryway with large mirror, coat hooks and shoe rack.

How to Create a Functional Entryway

Coming home, especially during winter months, means dealing with coats, hats, and shoes among other paraphernalia. Having a designated spot for storing outdoor gear and pet things keeps your home cleaner and more organized, with...

Window with blue shutters and window box with red flowers.
Building a Home, Buying,

A Basic Look At Windows

Knowing about your home’s components will help you make good decisions when it comes to your biggest investment. You need a working knowledge of window design if you’re building a new home or replacing windows...

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