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Close up of personal financial life files in expanding pocket folders
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How to Organize Your Financial Life

You probably intend to organize your financial and other personal documents “when you get around to it,” but the task can seem overwhelming. Once done, however, organizing your financial affairs will give you and your...

Multigenerational Chinese and Caucasian family portrait sitting on the front stairs of a home.
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5 Things to Know About Multigenerational Living

As families change, multigenerational living situations become more and more common. Should you consider multigenerational living arrangements? Here’s what you need to know. What is multigenerational living? Multigenerational living occurs when two or more generations,...

Neighborhoods for On-the-Go Seniors
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Neighborhoods for On-the-Go Seniors

Active adult communities are for healthy seniors who are in search of a vibrant lifestyle with lots of leisure activity options. Age requirements. There are two types of active adult communities. One is the age...

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