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Bumble bee in a purple aster. Types of native plants commonly found in the United States.
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Gardening With Native Plants

Want to beautify your garden and save time and money on maintenance while giving Mother Nature a hand? Add native plants to your yard, a relatively simple task that pays off big. Here’s a primer...

Photo of a black baby grand piano in a formal living room decorated with beige tones.
Indoor Living, Ownership,

Decorating With a Piano

A piano brings beautiful music into your home but can also present a decorating challenge. Pianos often don’t fit well into your space or design style. Here are some tips for decorating with a piano....

Father is raising eco-friendly kids by showing his daughter how to recycle plastic bottles.
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How to Raise Eco-Friendly Kids

Despite today’s convenience-based culture, raising eco-friendly children is easier than you might think. Here are ten tips to help your kids become the next generation’s eco heroes. Start when they’re young.  It’s never too soon...