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Water Rights for Property Owners
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Water Rights for Property Owners

Property owners with water geographically connected to their land need to know their legal rights. The water could be a river, lake, the ocean or even the water underground. Types of water. Three basic types...

One-Story Versus Two-Story Homes
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One-Story Versus Two-Story Homes

Prospective homebuyers will get more bang for their buck on a two-story home, but one-story houses definitely have their advantages. What works best for your family? Take a look at the pros and cons of...

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I thought you would be interested in this article called Is Your House Sitting on a Goldmine? And If So, Who Owns It?!

This is the link: https://www.houseopedia.com/is-your-house-sitting-on-a-goldmine-and-if-so-who-owns-it